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Parent Planning Meeting Nov. 2, 2011

Pack 358

Meeting Minutes

Parent Planning Meeting Nov. 2, 2011


Roll Call consisted of Stefanie Holt, Mark Myers, Mary Belarde, Christy Dunkin, John Frederick and Joe Durand


Minutes from the October Parent Planning Meeting were approved.  Motion was made by Joe Durand and Seconded by Christy Dunkin.


The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.  Motion was made by Joe Durand and seconded by Christy Dunkin and Stefanie Holt.


New Business was discussed:

Ø  The November Pack meeting agenda was set.  We will do a collection of items for care packages for Troops overseas.  We will also have a bake sale/raffle to help defray the cost of postage.

Ø  The December Pack meeting agenda was tabled to the December PPM.

Ø  Scouting for Food will be November 12th for bag drop-off and November 19th for bag pick-up.

Ø  Popcorn update was given by Stefanie Holt: Eleven boys sold a total of $4,340.00.

Ø  Rechartering dues will be collected at the November and December Pack meetings.  Greg Boyce will be in charge of rechartering again this year.

Ø  Pinewood Derby cars will be given out at the November Pack meeting.  John Frederick will pick them up from the Scout Shop.

Ø  It was noted that the Pack needs to find a place for storage for Pack items or to purchase a trailer.  Further discussion to be done at the December PPM.

Ø  Christy Dunkin will talk to Pizza Pro about doing a fundraiser around the time of Scouting for Food.


Jeff Luu needs to add contact information for each event reminder and directions, if applicable.


The Pack will start doing a Pack Post with information about upcoming events/contact information.  Hopefully this will be done by a Secretary in the near future but for now will be done by Mary Belarde.


Mary Belarde said she would send out an e-mail to parents about collecting items for the November Pack meeting and rechartering information.


Joe Durand mentioned that the Reptile Guy will be at the Blue and Gold Banquet.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Belarde